Choosing your puppy:
This is very difficult decision to make. When you meet all the besties then you must choose which one, then I would advise all depends on your life style.
You need to remember that dogs are like us humans, with different temperaments. Some of them are very laid back some of they are very high driven –from one extreme to another. Therefore, this is important to have a think” if this puppy will suit my life”.
We are always happy to advice on the choice as this is very important decision; I have to admit that in our whole breeding life we had some sad stories as well, that someone could not handle the dog. This was very upsetting time for us as human let the dog down. We are always happy to help rehoming but this really should NOT happen at all. This is why we always ask many many many many questions about your life and you, if you are absolutely sure you are ready for the dog.
However, we have much more happy dogs and owners, which mean we do the right job!
This is very important decision in our lives when we taking a new responsibility.

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