Life time advice

Health test
Our dogs are health tested.

Miniature Schnauzer – Our dogs are tested annually; BVA eye test. Our dogs are MAC free. We check them with vet regular, they are up to date with worming and vaccination.
Dobermann- our dogs are health tested; HD-0/A, cardio free vWD – free.

Our dogs are part of the family and they are indoor pets. We are a busy family, therefore our dogs are got used to humans, house noises and other dogs.
We take our dogs with us where we can to get them socialised with everything everywhere.

Yes, training! Every dog needs to be trained, either house or obedience trained. We had many people saying small dog – very easy to train – nothing more wrong. Every dog needs stimulating and training to behave well.
Big doggies – this involves even more discipline, especially in Dobermans. They are so well behaved dogs only if you lead them right.
Remember – dobermann this is specific breed needs working and needs plenty of exercise and socialisation. We can also direct you, if you think to train them professionally; obedience, protection even dock diving – all is fun!
Contact us – is a must
Please do not hesitate to contact us, feel free to ask as many questions as you like; there are not silly or wrong questions. This is decision for life so we are happy to answer all of your questions.

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